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Things to Do in Katakolon Port in a Day

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things to do in katakolon port

Things to Do in Katakolon Port in a Day

Take a pick from the different things to do in Katakolon Port, a town that comes alive in summertime with locals and especially with the arrival of some of the largest cruise ships imaginable.

Located minutes from Pyrgos, the capital of the prefecture of Elis, Katakolon Port is also near the famous Ancient Olympia.

Always having been a port town, it boomed between the end of the 19th century to the mid-20th century, with the export of the region’s renowned raisins, that were shipped to many major European ports.

Slightly ahead of its time, Katakolon saw the completion of the Pyrgos – Katakolon rail link in 1881 – a decade before the Greek state built the Athens – Lamia rail link!

Rebuilding Katakolon Port

However, after its peak and for a long time, Katakolon was a small, forgotten town with run-down buildings and roads in disrepair until 2003. And then, the town underwent a complete makeover.

Thanks to the Latsis Foundation, the port was renovated, thereby enabling large cruise ships to bring in tourists by the hundreds of thousands each year. This funding breathed new air into Katakolon, giving it a much-needed facelift and a boom to its economy.

The old, dilapidated, buildings beautifully restored, now house seaside cafes, tavernas, and souvenir shops. Tourists have the opportunity to relax with a refreshing drink, a coffee, or to enjoy delicious seafood with incredible water views.

Things to do in Katakolon Port

Some Things to do in Katakolon Port

Katakolon Beach

For tourists who prefer a day by the water, there is Katakolon Beach to relax by, sunbathe, take a dip in the refreshing sea, and enjoy a seaside taverna or cafe-bar.

Katakolon Beach stretches for miles, from the end of the port town for 30 km, and it’s just a short walk from the port!

The beach of Katakolon is shallow, so it’s great for families with young children. Unfortunately, over the years, there’s been an increase in jellyfish. Also, it is important to watch children, as motorists use the beach.

Plakes Beach

The main beach is called Plakes Beach in Katakolon (aka Renata Beach), which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the port. The organized pebbled beach offers parasols and sun chairs, as well as showers and toilets.

Plakes Beach is relatively small and gets packed quickly when cruise ships arrive. Also, unlike Katakolon Beach, Renata Beach doesn’t have jellyfish! So, for a short stay, this is the perfect beach.

Saint Andreas Beach (Agios Andreas Beach)

Saint Andreas Beach is exceptional and highly recommended for visits lasting several hours and is only a 5-minute drive from the port of Katakolon.

You can rent a car for your stay, take a taxi or a bus to this popular beach. Another way to get there is with the Katakolon Tourist Fun Train, but for the fit and brave, it’s only a 30-minute walk!

Though small in size, the picturesque town of Agios Andreas, with its seaside restaurants and cafe-bars, won’t disappoint.

Below Beauvoir Bar & Resto is an organized beach offering lounge chairs and parasols for rent, as well as refreshments.

Liris Restaurant is another place for a good meal and a beer (or ouzo) with water views and a dip in the small beach below.

Finally, Vriniotis Pheia Seaside Restaurant, with its own small beach, is an excellent place for a meal and a drink.

Wherever you choose to soak up the sun and dine by the water, the sunsets at Saint Andreas are genuinely remarkable.

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