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Olympia Land Estate Winery in Koskina

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Olympia Land Estate Winery in Koskina

The Olympia Land Estate, a family winery, is located in the small village, Koskina, located only 2 km from the heart of Ancient Olympia.

However, it a mere 20 km to Pyrgos, the capital of the prefecture of Ilia and 32 km from Katakolon Port, a commercial and tourist port of Greece.

It is here where, 150 years ago, our ancestors began the cultivation of both raisins and wine grapes varieties. 

The Olympia Land Estate, nestled in a green valley, began producing a small quantity of quality wines in early 2000. From 2008, it has grown and has become this modern family winery in the Peloponnese.

The Olympia Land Winery facilities consist of two buildings surrounded by the vineyard of the estate:

The first building is for production, designed to prepare the grapes from the vineyard to produce high-quality wines, using modern equipment.

The second building is for aging. It is a stone mansion that houses an underground maturation cellar, where red wines are aged in oak barrels. The large wine-tasting room allows the visitor to unveil the secrets of the Olympia Land wines.

All the products of the estate and other local delicacies are exhibited in the inviting reception area of the winery for the visitor to enjoy.