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Katakolon Port History – From Freight to Cruise Port Destination

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Katakolon Port

Katakolon Port History – From Freight to Cruise Port Destination

Katakolon Port, one of the most important in all of Greece, is located in a small town with a population of about 600 people.

History of Katakolon Port

The Port of Katakolon saw its glory days begin toward the end of the 19th century. Entirely funded by the Pyrgos authorities, its purpose was to enable the transfer of goods to other ports in Greece and all of Europe.

The Pyrgos-Katakolon rail link was completed in 1881, a decade before the construction of the Greek State railway line that connected Lamia to Athens!

Old warehouse on the back streets of the port are still visible today. The evidence of the old town of Katakolon, is thanks to the gracious restorations that helped preserve the history of Katakolon Port.

The Lighthouse of Katakolon

The port overlooks the Ionian Sea, located on a peninsula on the western part of Ilia and near its capital, Pyrgos. Its lighthouse, the Lighthouse of Katakolon (Faros of Katakolo in Greek), built in 1865, is now designated a historic monument by the Ministry of Culture.

The Main Roads

The three main roads of this quiet seaside village run parallel to the shoreline:

  • Stroll along the waterfront road, dotted with beautiful waterfront cafes and authentic, fresh seafood tavernas.
  • The second main road is “shoppers row,” lined with shops offering traditional Greek crafts, stunning jewelry, and impressive souvenirs such as natural sea sponges, leather goods, Greek Orthodox icons, olive oil-based soaps and other products, and much, much more.
  • The third street parallel to the shoreline is quieter, without many tourist attractions. It is lined with homes, a traditional Greek bakery and coffee house, as well as some tavernas.

Today, the historic Katakolon Port, initially developed for freight redistribution, is now a famous seagate for cruise ships. Hundreds of thousands of tourists each year disembark here seeking the gateway to Olympia – the site of the famous Ancient Olympic Games.

Katakolon Port

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