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How Far is Olympia from Katakolon Port?

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how far is olympia from katakolon port

How Far is Olympia from Katakolon Port?

Several of our clients have questions regarding the itinerary of our Katakolon to Olympia tours, including the popular question, “How far is Olympia from Katakolon Port“?

Tourists can disembark at the Port of Katakolon (Katakolo), where they can dine by the seaside, go to the beach, or shop for souvenirs, or head off to the site of the ancient Greek Olympics.

Did You Know?

  • Katakolon Port is one of the busiest cruise ship port in Greece!
  • Ideally located, the port allows tourists to visit one of the best archaeological sites in the world – Ancient Olympia.

How Far is Olympia from Katakolon Port?

By train, the distance between Katakolon Port and Olympia is only 25 miles or 40 km.

Another option is to take the bus to ancient Olympia and back to Katakolon Port, as is taking a taxi. The driving distance between the two points is 34 km or about 21 miles.

**Each option varies in price and traveling time. Also, each service varies tremendously in quality.

Choosing Quality Services

One way to travel safely to Olympia from Katakolon Port is with a professional tour guide, either by bus or taxi.

These services are the best of all the options because they offer organized tours in comfortable and air-conditioned vehicles to take visitors to one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites.

Depending on the tour, visitors can also visit other incredible places to make the most of their short stay. One example of a professional Katakolon to Olympia tour: a visit to an organic honey farm or a traditional local vineyard, a stopover in the city of Pyrgos, the capital of Elia, and time to soak up the sun at a breathtaking beach.

And when you travel in style, it won’t matter how far is Olympia from Katakolon Port and beyond!